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Air to Air Heatpump Unit  Offering Heating & Cooling Options for One or Multiple Rooms 

What is an air to air heatpump? 
An air to air heatpump looks like and operates in the same way as an air conditioning unit, however, with one key difference. An air to air heatpump unit is designed to heat but with the ability to be reversed to cool. An air conditioning unit does the exact opposite. 
The air to air heatpump is completely independent from your existing heating system and will assist your current system in achieving room temperature. 
The air to air heatpump supplies heat only and does not provide hot water (see air to water heatpump). 
How does it work? 
Outside air is drawn through a heat exchanger housed within the outdoor unit commonly known as the evaporator. Heat is extracted from the air and used to heat a refrigerant circuit which has a very low boiling point. The heated refrigerant is then compressed producing superheated refrigerant which then passes to a second heat exchanger called a condenser which is in fact the indoor wall mounted unit. The heat produced is then pushed out into the room by means of a fan house within the indoor unit. Once the heat transfer takes place, the cooled refrigerant then passes through an expansion valve which changes its state back to a vapour and the pressure is reduced. The process can then begin again. 
As detailed above, the air to air heatpump can also be reversed to allow cooling. 
When in cooling, the indoor unit becomes the evaporator and the outdoor unit becomes the condenser. The cooled refrigerant cycle passes through the indoor unit and the fan pushes cooled air into the room. 
Installation Points 
Unit locations need to be considered as both units require minimum clearances around them. The outdoor unit is connected to the indoor unit using two small bore insulated refrigeration pipes (a suction line and a liquid line). 
Both indoor and outdoor units produce water when acting as an evaporator, so a drain pipe is required to take away any water produced. This can be either a 20mm overflow pipe if water can discharge under gravity or by means of a small pump which generally sits in the trunking next to the indoor unit (see opposite). This item would be used when pipework drops from above the unit. 
The unit also requires an electrical connection. Generally a fused isolator will be sited next to the indoor unit and a rotary isolator sited next to the outdoor unit. 
Mostly the refrigerant pipework, drain pipe and electrical cables are run in the indoor trunking giving a neat aesthetic finish. 
The outdoor unit can be wall or floor mounted. It is important to make allowance for vibration noise between the concrete and metal, so rubber pads are generally used to help with this. Floor standing outdoor units are generally sat on rubber mounting feet. A gravel bed is created between the feet to allow the water produced by the evaporator to disperse into the ground. 
Air to Air Heatpump Options 
Air to air heatpumps can be supplied as a mono split (single indoor unit linking to single outdoor unit) and multi-split (multiple indoor units linking to a single outdoor unit). 
COP (Co-efficient of Performance) 
The air to air heatpumps design efficiency is usually stated as the Co-efficient of Performance or COP and is calculated at a specific operating condition. Typically an air to air heatpump would normally have a COP of around 4 - 5 (400% - 500% efficient). This means that for every kilowatt used to power the heatpump 4-5 kilowatts is delivered into the building. This figure will vary depending upon the heat loss of the property and the position of the outdoor unit. 
So Why Purchase an Air to Air Heatpump? 
If you own a Conservatory which is extremely hard to heat or cool, this unit will be an ideal solution as it will do both, without having to extend the existing heating system. 
The air to air heatpump can be used as the sole heating source and is ideal for commercial buildings like church halls & scout huts and well as domestic properties either in a single room or multiple rooms. It is also very high in efficiency, low on energy consumption, very low running costs, whisper quiet and low on maintenance. 
After Care 
Air Management Solutions also offer a competitively priced maintenance package which covers your annual service (Please contact the office for more details). We will automatically contact you when due to arrange a suitable time and date to attend. 
Our fully certified and qualified team are committed to ensuring all our customers needs are met by offering a highly skilled, professional, efficient and cost effective service tailored to your individual needs. And you can rest assured that all work is fully guaranteed. 
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